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The AI Revolution: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Creativity

The world is changing at breakneck speed. It's fascinating to live in an era where you can become an expert in almost anything with the help of AI and Google. I've witnessed the rise of the internet, Napster, iTunes, and now artificial intelligence. Honestly, I hope they figure out immortality while I'm still around.

Recently, I've been captivated by new AI technologies that let anyone create music. These tools are truly disrupting the industry. Back in the day, becoming a creative meant apprenticing for at least a decade. You'd spend countless hours watching, listening, and then retreating into a dark cave to practice. As my daughter Skylar says, "let's do music." You'd do and fix, do and fix, over and over until, like magic, you became good! It was a blend of frustration and fun all rolled into one.

Now, anyone can be a creator. All you need is a voice or fingers. Type or speak into the magic box we call a computer, and bam, your Drake-inspired track is born! I'm torn about this. On one hand, it’s amazing; on the other, it feels strange that you can now become a decent musician without putting in the traditional hard work. The same goes for writing, graphic design, and so many other fields as AI learns our patterns.

As a musician, jamming to these new AI-generated tunes is a unique experience. I can pick out details that most people might miss, but it doesn't matter because AI can create music that's good—or at least good enough. The real question is how I and others will harness this new tool to create in ways we've never dreamed of. For now, our advantage is our creativity and imagination. But how long will that last?

How y'all feeling about the rapid advancements in technology and their impact on your creative pursuits?



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