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Navigating Jet Lag, Spicy Surprises, and Soulful Music: My Second Day in South Korea

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

It's just past midnight here in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea, and I'm wide awake, thanks to a severe case of jet lag. Today was a mix of relaxation, music, and a few unexpected twists. Let's rewind a bit—imagine the sound of a tape deck rewinding if you're old enough to remember that!

My day began with a breakfast buffet at the hotel, offering a blend of Korean and American dishes. Dodging runny eggs, I opted for boiled eggs and rice topped with a salty, tiny fish garnish—something I've enjoyed during my trips to Japan.

Post-breakfast, I headed to a nearby upscale gym. Communicating with the receptionist was a comedy of errors, as neither of us spoke the other's language. Eventually, we understood each other, but not before he insisted on washing my sneakers to meet the gym's cleanliness standards. Surprisingly, he also took custody of my wallet and AirPods, which felt risky but turned out fine.

You might wonder why I'm hitting the gym instead of exploring Korea. The truth is, after gaining some pandemic weight, my health is a priority. It's not just about me; it's about being the best version of myself for my family.

After an exhausting workout, I succumbed to a deep nap, fighting off jet lag's siren call with multiple alarms. Waking up felt like emerging from a coma. Next up was ironing my clothes for the show, which led to another hilarious phone call with the hotel staff as I tried to explain what an "iron" is.

The venue was a stunning 400-seat theater, perfectly equipped for our performance. Soundcheck went smoothly, and soon enough, we were playing our hearts out for an appreciative audience. The energy was electric, and despite my fatigue, the music carried me through.

Post-show, our tour manager, Yu Mi, took us to a local tofu restaurant. I mistakenly grabbed what I thought were green beans, only to find out they were super spicy peppers. No complaints, though—I was starving! The meal was a tofu extravaganza: tofu soup, tofu cakes, spicy tofu, sweet tofu. Every bite was a new experience, and by the end, my body was signaling that it was time to crash.

So here I am, back in my hotel room, wide awake yet exhausted, as we prepare to move to the next city in a few hours. Wish me luck on my sleep journey!

Until next time,


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