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I Will Die

In a world where truth often seems undervalued, music stands as a sanctuary for us all. To me, it represents the last bastion of hope for humanity. When you embark on the journey of creation, you carry only the truth with you. Whether it's Beyoncé stepping onto the stage or your 3-year-old humming a tune, it all comes from the same genuine place. Creatives cannot hide behind false narratives; all music—all art—demands honesty with ourselves in the deepest way possible.

When we create from the fleeting, mortal parts of ourselves, the music fades as quickly as we do. It can't grow, it can't inspire—it can only wither and die. We've all felt it: attending a performance, eager to be moved, only to leave disappointed. That letdown stems from the artist's failure to connect with their own truth, with themselves, with you, and with everyone on the journey alongside them.

My friend Willerm Delisfort often says to me, "Play from an honest place. Give it everything you have, no matter where you're playing or who you're playing for. It should always be Carnegie energy." That's honesty. It’s about pouring your soul into your craft, holding nothing back, and embracing the raw, unfiltered truth.

I urge you to live, even if just for a single minute today, in absolute truth. It’s a daunting task because it demands vulnerability. You have to embrace your flaws and stand exposed, allowing everyone to see your imperfections. Yet within that vulnerability lies life and freedom. That is where true creativity thrives. That is the essence of this existence.

Live truthfully. Create authentically. Embrace the essence of life.



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