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Finding Balance Amidst Chaos: A Week of Family, Work, and World Concerns

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

This week was a whirlwind, the kind that leaves you breathless and yearning for the weekend's respite. It was one of those weeks where you find yourself counting down the minutes to Friday, hoping that Saturday and Sunday will offer a much-needed grace period. Our little one was under the weather, battling a fever that just wouldn't break. At work, it felt like every project had hit a snag, and deadlines loomed like dark clouds. To top it off, the doctor's office seemed to be in another time zone, unable to send over medical records to the school despite multiple reminders. By the time Friday rolled around, my wife and I were emotionally and physically spent.

I guess the timing of my return from touring couldn't have been better. I walked back into the chaos just in time to share some of the adulting load. She's the rock of our family, managing the home front while I'm jet-setting across continents. It's as if our daughter knew to wait for my return before taking her unplanned hiatus from pre-k.

As I juggle family life, I'm also in the thick of planning for the year-end activities with Second Line Arts Collective. We're in the final stages gearing up for our early education program, Little Stompers. The summer workshop for older kids is also on the horizon, and the to-do list is growing by the day. If you're curious about what Second Line Arts Collective is all about, I invite you to pause and check out our website.

Amidst all this, I can't help but feel the weight of the world news. I'm not here to take sides or make sweeping judgments about who's right or wrong. My focus is on the human cost of conflict—the lives disrupted, the futures jeopardized. I long for a world where disputes are settled through dialogue, empathy, and constructive action. In such a world, everyone's voice is heard, and every life is valued. Conflicts are inevitable; they're part of the human condition. But the real challenge for us as a global community is to evolve beyond the cycle of violence and destruction. Because when we harm each other, we all lose.

I'll leave you with that thought for today. Despite the challenges, I'm doing my best to stay positive and hopeful. I'll check back in with you next week to share more of this journey.



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