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Back to the Grind: From Blissful Rest to the Beautiful Chaos of Life

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

After six days of uninterrupted rest, more sleep than I've had in three years, and quality time with my wife, I find myself sitting in the airport, filled with gratitude. The next leg of my journey takes me to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a recording session, a gig, and a rehearsal for a project close to my heart. But what's weighing most on my mind is the upcoming presentation for Second Line Arts Collective (SLAC) to a well-known foundation. It's my first face-to-face pitch, and the stakes are high: we're seeking funding for a couple of salaries.

If you're new to this blog or know me personally, you'll often hear me talk passionately about SLAC and my commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. All I need to do is be myself and narrate our eight-year journey, and I believe the rest will fall into place.

Just a day after that crucial presentation, I'll be flying back home for a few hours before jetting off to South Korea to perform with Bria Skonberg, the best band leader I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Life is moving at breakneck speed, but I'm excited to dive back into the chaos, especially after a week of blissful rest.

Amidst all this, I can't help but miss my little one. She's been FaceTiming us every day, thanks to her grandmother, aka GG. The joys of parenting are immeasurable, but so are the rigors of child-rearing. It's a balance, one that I'm constantly learning to navigate.

So, what are you grateful for? Have you taken time off lately to recharge? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


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