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Shadows of Tomorrow

This job is truly unique. It's like living a dream, a whirlwind adventure through hotel rooms, tropical islands, and savoring wine in places many only dream of visiting once in a lifetime. It's easy to take it for granted, but reflecting on my journey fills me with immense gratitude. I've explored the south of France, snorkeled around numerous Caribbean islands - so many, in fact, that I struggle to recall all the places I've visited. Currently, I'm on a cruise ship, nestled in its heart, traveling through tropical paradises and playing drums. My commitment is just one set a day for an hour. That's all they ask. Everything here is complimentary, and every passenger on board seems to have a deeper passion for music than even I do. It's the perfect scenario, really. Free food, endless music, and sunshine! It's a dream come true.

I recently had the chance to meet some students from a Jazz 101 class I teach at Jazz at Lincoln Center. It was wonderful to finally meet them in person after a year of teaching via Zoom. The people I meet make this whole experience worthwhile. Without them, this journey would lose its meaning. Just before boarding this ship in Miami a few days ago, I was in New Orleans, busy recording and working on major projects for the Second Line Arts Collective. It's a significant undertaking. I often fantasize about someone recognizing our eight years of hard work and supporting us with substantial funding. I dream of a benefactor, in true Austin Powers style, gifting our organization a million dollars. Such a sum would enable us to hire full-time staff and make a more significant impact in the music community.

I'm grateful for you, for the chance to play drums, be a father, and lead the Second Line Arts Collective to the best of my abilities. What have you all been up to?

Talk soon,


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