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Rhythms of Home

Back in my own space for a brief interlude, I find myself reflecting on the whirlwind of my life as a touring musician. It's a peculiar rhythm, this constant oscillation between the energy of the road and the tranquility of home. People often ask me, "Where to next?" Honestly, sometimes I'm only half certain myself. The details can blur in the relentless pace of travel, but what remains crystal clear in my mind are the essentials: the paycheck and the date I return to my family. These are the anchors in my ever-shifting schedule.

Being home, even for just a couple of days, is a treasure. It's a chance to recharge, to immerse myself in the warmth of family life before stepping back into the spotlight, facing another crowd of passionate music enthusiasts.

For the remainder of this month, my focus shifts to nurturing the roots of music in my community through Second Line. We're steering two major initiatives towards fruition, each teeming with potential. Little Stompers caters to the young minds of pre-K to 5th graders, while Sanaa Music Workshop engages the creative spirits of 14 to 23-year-olds. Our calendar is packed with concerts, family classes, after-school programs, and summer workshops. It's a hefty load, but thankfully, I'm supported by a team as dedicated to this cause as I am.

There's a unique satisfaction in this dual life. On stage, I connect with audiences through the universal language of music. Off stage, I have the privilege of shaping the musical landscape for the next generation. It's a fulfilling cycle, one that makes every departure and return worthwhile.



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