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I'm Leaving You

Updated: Jun 2

Leaving is always the hardest part. It's something I never fully grasped when I chose this path. The sacrifices are immense. I constantly remind myself that this is my purpose, my calling. But when weighed against my role as a father, the scale feels unbalanced. Especially when Skylar, with her innocent eyes, pleads, "I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay here with me forever." Those words pierce my soul, shaking me to my core. She's in that beautiful stage of life where honesty reigns supreme, untainted by the need to shield others or herself from the truth.

Each time I prepare to leave, I grapple with my decision. My father, too, was a musician, but he left us for good. That wound is one I wrestled with as a youth and continue to wrestle with as an adult. Now, as a father who also leaves, the weight feels even heavier. This is my burden to bear. But is the sacrifice worth it? I believe so. Yet, I won't truly know for some time. The impact on Skylar is something I can only guess at. Will she one day conceal her true feelings to protect those she loves, as many of us do?

Currently, I'm in New Orleans for 16 days, pouring my heart into the Sana'a Music Workshop alongside Gregory and our incredible team. This project is my passion; it fuels me. But it comes at a high cost. I sacrifice the most precious gift—time. Time I'll never get back with Skylar or the rest of my family.

This is the crux of a nomadic, musician's life. The road demands time, and the glory it offers is fleeting. Yet, for now, I embrace this journey, even as it breaks my heart to leave.

I'll catch y'all later,


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