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A Night in Nagoya

Years back, Delfeayo Marsalis offered me a piece of advice that echoes in my mind to this day: "Always play with a sense of urgency." As a carefree twenty-something, his words floated by me, barely making a ripple in my calm sea of life. Back then, my days meandered slowly, each moment lingering like the last note of a ballad. It's a stark contrast to the tempo of my life now, where I've come to grasp the profound truth in his counsel.

Urgency isn't about panic or fear; it's about recognizing the fleeting nature of our existence. It's about infusing every second with maximum passion, attention, and love. It's about laying a foundation of urgency beneath every breath we take, not out of dread but out of a deep understanding that our time here is but a brief interlude.

Last night in Nagoya, the energy was electric, the crowd's pulse in perfect harmony with our music. It was a night where Patrick's virtuosity, Barry's boundless creativity, and Kaori's steadfast leadership all converged, allowing me to lay down a groove that became the canvas for their artistry. We played with the urgency that Delfeayo had envisioned, the kind that comes with maturity and the realization that every note matters.

Yet, as I bask in the afterglow of a successful show, my heart yearns for the beautiful tumult of home. I miss my wife's gentle touch, my child's whirlwind energy—my own little Tasmanian devil that turns our home into a vibrant dance of life. Just a few more days, a trio of performances, and then I'll be back amidst the love and chaos that I cherish so deeply. Until then, I hope you all embrace each day with the urgency that life deserves.



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