Second Line Arts Collective

Second Line Arts Collective is an arts and entrepreneurship institution in New Orleans devoted to cultivating curriculum and resources that provide young adult students ages fifteen to twenty-three with skills necessary for a long and successful career. One of Second Line Arts Collective’s programs is the Sanaa Music Workshop (SMW), which serves students who believe hard work, focus, and dedication are what builds a successful and fulfilling life. SMW immerses music students in workshops, classes and group work that focuses on two things. First, students learn how to create and deliver a product by improving their musicianship skills through individual training, small and large group rehearsals, and a final performance. Second, students hone their professional and entrepreneurial skills through music business lectures provided by industry professionals that teach U.S. Copyright Law, review how to contract and distribute work through publishers, and help grow personal brands through social media marketing. This integration of arts and entrepreneurial education provides a healthy classroom setting, connects young adults with successful mentors, and creates pathways to financial independence for passionate young entrepreneurs.

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